Asbury Park Electorate Being Snub

Asbury Park faces what may be its most important election in years next month when control of the school board and City Council are at stake, and city residents will be electing a mayor for the first time under the new form of government approved by voters last year.

Two Slates Face Off in Asbury Park School Board Elections

 Two slates. Six candidates. Three open seats.

The future of Asbury Park's schoolchildren is in the hands of city voters.

On Nov. 4, the A-Team and Moving Forward campaign slates will face off in the school board election to fill the three seats left open by expired terms.

Asbury Park School Board Candidates Talk Issues Live

Asbury Park candidates for the district's Board of Education on the "Moving Forward" slate joined the Asbury Park Press editorial board Monday for a live chat about their platform and issues facing the district ranging from fiscal accountability to school board dysfunction and academic programs.

Meet Asbury Park Superintendent Lamont Repollet

When Lamont Repollet takes over as Asbury Park's new schools superintendent next month, he'll be carrying a white hard hat at his side. The hat, Repollet says, is a message to his students, and the community: Just like a construction worker, he's ready to rebuild this struggling school district from the bottom up.

School Board Inks Deal with New Superintendent

The Asbury Park Board School District has a new chief schools administrator. Carteret High School Principal Dr. Lamont Repollet was issued a five-year contract effective September 29, 2014 at $157,500 per year for the balance of the current school year and for a further term of four years. His salary for the 2013-2014 school year will be pro-rated.

Editorial: A New Day For Asbury Schools


Last week, the divided Asbury Park Board of Education finally accomplished something that it had been unwilling or unable to do for months: reach a consensus on a new school superintendent.

Asbury Park Schools Select New Superintedent

The city’s school district has selected a new leader. The Board of Education unanimously voted Thursday to appoint Lamont Repollet, principal of Carteret High School, as its permanent superintendent.

Barack Obama School Reopens to Students

With two eager elementary children prancing at her side, Erin Hicks walked up to the reopened Barack H. Obama Elementary School with a smile of relief. For the first time since her now second-grade son started kindergarten, Hicks has an elementary school in her neighborhood.

Bradley Elementary Welcomes Students With Cheers

Students at Bradley Elementary School walked in for their first day of school Thursday to see faculty and staff dressed in athletic clothes and shouting this year’s school theme “One Team, One Goal.” The theme expresses the school administration’s vision to work together with faculty, staff and parents to ensure students’ success, according to school principal Thea Jackson.

Barack Obama School Poised to Welcome Students

On Thursday, Sept. 4 at 7:50 a.m., the first official school day will begin for district students, including those who will attend the newly re-opened Barack Obama Elementary School. Late last week, teachers put the finishing touches on their classrooms and bulletin boards as elementary students will be returning to the building for the first time since 2011, according to Chanta L. Jackson, the district’s director of communication.

Asbury board's pick for school chiefs vetoed again

The city's school district has taken another step backward in its quest to find a schools superintendent. State monitor Carole Morris vetoed the Board of Education's choice for an interim superintendent just one month before students are set to return to school.

Editorial: Is the Asbury Park Board Even Trying?

Everybody knows the old definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome every time. Well, not exactly everybody. At least five members of the Asbury Park Board of Education apparently do not get it.

Who is Asbury's School Monitor

Sitting at the end of the dais, stoic and with arms crossed, state monitor Carole Morris remained silent to much of the turmoil swirling around her.