Asbury Park School District is a community of lifelong learners, all invested in education. Our staff is the lifeblood of the Building A Brighter Future movement and fosters a learning environment where every child can reach their potential.

Professional Development


Professional development for new and experienced staff is an exceptional opportunity for you to grow your craft and build professional relationships. Experienced staff have knowledge and an accumulation of varied experience, yet need the time to identify and often learn from each other what specific information, skill and strategies actually work. New staff often come to us with varied background experiences, whether you're a newbie to your field, or just to our District, there's a lot to learn and you have a lot to share. 


Workshops, Seminars, and Professional Learning Community interactions are scheduled daily, weekly and monthly throughout the year to promote continous learning.  As members of an educational community, we must lead by example and show our students that education is a lifelong journey. 


Have questions regarding Professional Development days, registering for conferences and logging your hours? We've developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions to assist you.

Five Year Plan

In January 2008, the New Jersey State Board of Education made some significant changes to the professional development for teachers’ regulations which included the requirement that all teachers be placed on a common five-year cycle for professional development beginning September 1, 2010. 


Curriculum & Instruction
District Technology Department & ITC

The Asbury Park Technology Department is responsible for the coordination and implementation of all district wide technology initiatives both academic and administrative.

By providing advanced technologies for academics, teachers are able to enhance learning for all students by creating a more engaging learning experience; as well as the implementation of administrative technologies, administrators are able to access and analyze student data more effectively.

The ITC was founded in the earlys 1970's when the Board of Education realized that more information was needed to effectively operate the School System. A mainframe computer & data processing center was established and equipment was obtained to use for budgetary accounting and payroll processing. 

Over the past decades the ITC has progressed - by keeping up with current technology, recognizing the needs of school districts and creating solutions for those needs. Over 45 school districts and agencies are using our system for administrative services consisting of GAAP-compliant budget and payroll.

To ensure success in the future we have migrated to an internet-based system. Implementing new servers, data storage and a secure web browser-based access will speed up and simplify connecting to our system.

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources supports all of the district staff and houses the Asbury Park School District Employee Portal - an online resource providing easy access to important information for staff and employees. 

Special Services
Student Services